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COVID-19 Update October 27th, 2020

While Massachusetts and New Hampshire have both announced short term shutdowns we believe that the rinks will be back open in time for our November and December skates. Please see our programs tab for more information. 

Welcome to Hockey Sense!

We are a unique program designed to help players improve their game sense and maximize their skills. Hockey is a fast game. Players are more skilled and athletic than ever before. In a game that comes down to split seconds and inches we believe that a player's biggest edge can be their mind! 


"But he's quick. When people think about quickness, they tend to associate it with foot speed. He's first to the puck more often than not because his speed of anticipating is better than most."

Dartmouth Head Coach Bob Gaudet on ECAC Rookie of the Year Quin Foreman (from New England Hockey Journal)

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